Orlin Grabbe, J.

International financial markets - 3a ed. - Washington, D.C. Prentice-Hall 1996 - 492 p.

Contiene: 1. The rise and fall of bretton woods.- 2. Globalization and the growth of derivatives.- 3. The Crash of 94 and beyond.- 4. Introduction to the foreign exchange market.- 5. Forwards, swaps, and interest parity.- 6. Foreign currency futures.- 7. Foreign currency options.- 8. Eurobanking and eurocurrency centers.- 9. Deposit dealing and the term structure of eurocurrency rates.- 10. Eurocurrency futures and options.- 11. Syndicated eurocredits.- 12. Introduction to the international bond markets.- 13. New issue procedures in the eurobond market.- 14. Eurobond valuation and hedging.- 15. Interest rate and currency swaps.- 16. Pricing option features international bonds.- 17. Forecasting and the image of the future.- 18. Chaos in international financial markets.- 19. The fractal distribution of foreign exchange and interest rates.- 20. Purchasing power parity.- 21. Central banks and the balance of payments.- 22. The european monetary system.


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