Transparency governance and markets - Londres Elsevier 2006 - 417 p.

Contiene: 1. Theoretical explanations of why banks promise to pay par on demand.- 2. Productivity and efficiency measurement using parametric econometric methods.- 3. Firm, market and stractegic factors in venture capital exits.- 4. Financial development, inflation uncertainty and growth volatility.- 5. Mathematical, characterization of behavioral market dynamics.- 6. Conditional asset pricing model.- 7. Dividend policy of bank initial public offerings.- 8. Financial sector development and growth.- 9. The equity risk premium.- 10. Asset and default correlations between non financial corporations.- 11. Margin requirements with intraday dynamics.- 12. Nonparametric techniques to validate credit clasification models.- 13. Transparency, institucional framework and capital structure.- 14. Money la undering and financial offshore centres.- 15. Networks and stock market integration.


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